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Shared Yacht FAQs

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How does scheduling work?

SeaNet’s comprehensive concierge services will guide you through our reservation process to help you schedule your next yachting experience with ease. Our efficient reservation process allows you to secure reservations via web portal, mobile application, or through calling our concierge desk. Furthermore, the process is balanced for each owner to ensure equal distribution for all seasons and holidays. Scheduling conflicts, although rare because of the limited number of owners per vessel, are easily resolved through a rotating priority system. Overall, SeaNet’s reservation process strives to ensure equality of usage amongst owners to provide an ideal yacht ownership experience.

Due to my busy schedule, can I schedule time at the last minute?

Once all confirmed Primary Reservations have been planned for the year, owners in good standing are free to select additional dates as they wish. Once the additional dates have been used, the owner may then select new additional dates.

Is your program a timeshare?

SeaNet’s yacht ownership programs provide a clear and transparent ownership structure that provides you with an ideal yacht ownership experience. Furthermore, your ownership interest is for a specific vessel in our fleet. Through SeaNet’s innovative Global, Regional and VanDutch Programs, you can experience all the benefits of yacht ownership without the hassles of staffing, maintaining, or servicing your yacht.

Can I exchange my time for other yachts in your program?

In addition to the financial benefits offered by our programs, SeaNet’s global presence provides access to our growing fleet of yachts in the top yachting destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and United States. Furthermore, SeaNet’s innovative programs allow you to exchange your time for another yacht in our expanding global fleet. Similar to an exchange rate, each location will exchange for a specified number of days based on size, location, and availability.

How does the operating budget work?

Each year an estimated operating budget is established for each vessel. Owners are billed on a quarterly basis and are reconciled with actual expenses incurred. Owners are responsible for their personal variable expenses (fuel, provisions, etc.) which can be covered by an APA or credit card on file.

How many owners are there per yacht?

SeaNet’s Global and Regional Programs have a maximum of four owners per yacht. Based upon our experience, a maximum of four owners is the ideal number to promote efficient scheduling and maintain an intimate ownership experience for each owner.

Is there financing available?

For financing questions please contact one of our Program Managers to assist you.

Can I sell my ownership interest?

Similar to traditional yacht ownership, the ownership equity doesn’t expire. Additionally, as a share owner you have the ability to sell your share and obtain the residual value at any time. Also, there are exit points built into the agreement to provide the owner further options throughout the ownership, the first being at 3 years into the ownership agreement and every 2 years thereafter. Overall, we have various options to help you liquidate your interest if desired.

Can I captain the yacht?

Our programs include a captain to enhance your yachting experience. However, if an owner is certified and can be covered under insurance they may take on the responsibilities as captain.

What level of service can I expect?

For the past twelve years SeaNet has sold and managed over twenty yachts through our innovative approach to yacht ownership. SeaNet’s programs provide the perfect amount of time to enjoy the best ports and cruising areas desired. Furthermore, SeaNet delivers an ideal yacht ownership experience by providing you with significant cost savings, complete yacht management, and comprehensive concierge services. SeaNet’s complete yacht management includes the coordination of maintenance, servicing logistics, crew, and accounting needs of your yacht. Additionally, our comprehensive concierge is available to fulfill your yachting desires, whether its special food or drink requests, the storage of personal items, or assistance with scheduling your next trip. SeaNet also provides administrative services to provide efficient accounting and ownership services. Overall, SeaNet’s innovative programs offer a complete turnkey solution to the yachting lifestyle.